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Dr. Clemensia Nakabiito; MBChB, MMed (Obs/Gyn)

Dr Clemensia Nakabiito is the MU-JHU Care Ltd CRS Leader. Currently she is the lead person for all maternal health studies at the site and the lead for the women’s health domain. She is a senior consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who worked with Mulago National Referral Hospital for over 32 years. She also worked as a liaison officer between the MU-JHU site and the hospital as a Co –investigator on the landmark HIVNET 012 Trial. In 2007, together with the other investigators at MU-JHU Care Ltd, she started building capacity for the site to participate in the NIH/HHS funded MTN (Microbicides Trials Network) under which the site has conducted a number of MTN trials including the studies using the Dapivirine Vaginal ring for HIV Prevention that was found to be effective in prevention of HIV acquisition among women.

Through this experience, the site has grown its capacity in conducting HIV Prevention trials among adolescent girls and young women. Under her leadership, the site is currently participating in another NIH/HHS funded HPTN (HIV Prevention Trials Network) study on Long Acting Cabotegravir Injection for HIV Pre Exposure prophylaxis and November 2020 DSMB outcome has indicated that the injection works in the prevention of HIV among Cisgender women. More studies are being conducted under the women’s domain looking at long acting oral pills for PrEP. Dr. Clemensia’s vision is to see that a number of HIV prevention options are availed to women to use throughout the different stages of their lives and thereby realize an HIV free generation. She has also mentored and raised a group of young investigators who have grown in their own capacity as independent investigators which is a strength for the site.

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