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Community Engagement Activities
MUJHU holds a core commitment to engage communities throughout the research cycle. From its inception in 1988, MU-JHU created the position of Community Liaison Officer and established a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to serve as a link between the researchers and the communities where research is conducted. The CAB membership is diverse and seeks to be representative of the broader community including representatives of key community constituencies such as; religious and traditional leaders, Media, Social Scientists, former Study Participants, youth and representatives of key research populations (eg those living with or affected by HIV and TB, mothers etc). The CAB provide community perspectives and guide researchers in protocol development, throughout study implementation and dissemination of results. In 2017, a Youth Community Advisory Board was also formed to better ensure the views and concerns of young people are heard and that their protocols are youth/child friendly, ethical and relevant. Initiatives and strategies to engage communities continue to evolve and include stakeholders’ consultations, a cross-institution Youth Trials Board, development of films and other communication materials, and participation in various community consultations and participation and financial support for the annual cross-CAB forum.
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